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I have been a good customer to TLA video for some years.they screw up my over 200$ order.

They tell me I have to track down my order thru the post office and back.

They want me to waste a 100$ effort to find their f-up.cost tla video 1.59$ to make 3 videos.instead of refunding what they owe me.

I think they want me to give they can keep the balance.waiting for the invoice for 3weeks now.they are a *** company anyhow poor quality disk.but first time they rip me off.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Tla lost my order .than lost my back order.then tells me I have to go find(post office) what they mess up.they are stealing my do I look ask strangers do you have my ***?keep the money.I'm telling everybody what ripoff they are.standby Twitter.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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Update by user Jul 30, 2013

I should clarify that this $200 shipment was only a fraction of a much larger order.

Update by user Jul 30, 2013

This failed transaction, actually, cost me $200 (not $150 as initially posted).

Original review posted by user Jul 30, 2013

It has been two years since I last reviewed my experience with TLA.

I have since ordered from TLA several times - but with very small orders - and I thought I would try placing another large order with them. HUGE MISTAKE!

Well, thank you, TLA, for sending me a box of damaged DVDs. Yes, that is right, ALL but one of the DVDs received in my latest shipment arrived loose and rattling around in their cases, and EVERY loose disc contained multiple scratches. Though I did not have time to test every disc in a player, those that I did check had glitches due to the scratches.

It is evident that TLA has no quality control and no employee control. It is insulting to spend a great deal of money and be mistreated by the company you are patronizing. It is as if the warehouse clerk deliberately selected every loose DVD from the shelves to place in my shipment. It really seems too coincidental, otherwise. Seriously, if I were a warehouse clerk (and I was, at one time) and I heard a disc rattling around loose inside a DVD case, I would hesitate to send that to a customer, especially a high-volume customer. I would search for another copy that is not loose within its case. Really, would that be so difficult? (Well, perhaps, for a TLA employee . . . .) And I cannot believe that they did not hear the discs clearly rattling around. (Again, TLA employee . . . .) But, since TLA has nothing to lose by shipping potentially damaged merchandise, there is no need for quality control.

This shipment followed another, smaller shipment, in which the DVD was also loose and damaged, that time so badly that I needed it replaced. TLA directed me to return the item for a replacement. I asked if the return shipping fees (never mind that I also have to fork out $$ for the shipping envelope) would be reimbursed by crediting the credit card used for the purchase. TLA responded that they only reimburse shipping fees with store credit. STORE CREDIT?! In other words, TLA continues to make a profit off damaged merchandise. That is right. I am expected to pay TLA more $$ for damaged merchandise, because that extra money for return shipping fees - that extra money coming out of MY POCKET - goes directly to TLA. The only way I can use that money is if I order again and, hence, spend more money with TLA. Is this practice legal? Class action, anyone?

Anyway, now I would have to return all the recently shipped - and damaged - DVDs for replacements, but I really do not want to waste another hour in line at the post office (yes, the average wait time at my post office on a Saturday - the only day I can go to the post office during their normal business hours), and I do not want to further add to the coffers of TLA with more out-of-pocket money spent on this botched transaction. Furthermore, I do not feel like waiting another 3-4 weeks for the replacement discs, assuming they can be replaced.

So, congratulations, TLA! You have succeeded, once again, in turning another customer into a sucker, willing to accept your damaged merch simply because it is too much of a hassle - and COSTS MORE MONEY - to return them for replacement. So, I am stuck with, most likely, barely playable DVDS - again. Gee, thank you for that!

It is interesting to note, also, that TLA has not responded to the complaint I registered yesterday, Monday, July 29 at 12:16pm. In fact, they haven’t even offered replacement discs, yet.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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